Halloween in Montreal

by Alex Zelensky

Montreal has always been a city known for costumes and spectacles, making it the best city to celebrate Halloween! There are those who will try to get as much candy as possible, while some will enjoy the thrill of a horror movie. Across the city, there are haunted houses to satisfy those who like a good fright, but there are still options for the more faint of heart.


One of Montreal’s own room escape venues, A/Maze has you and several of your friends solving puzzles to escape from the chamber in which you’ve all been trapped within the time limit. From October 30th until November 1st from 10 am until 2 am, A/Maze is offering a seasonal version of their laboratory and their prison scenarios. The scenario and puzzles in each room are the same as before, but with new Halloween decorations and a bit spookier this time. If you’ve never had the chance to experience the thrill of scrambling to solve
puzzles and decipher clues and codes with your friends, it is definitely worth checking out.

The price of each game is $130 before tax and it is divided between players, with a maximum of five players per group. It is located on 3550 Saint-Jacques.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

For those who prefer a good laugh over a good scream, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is being shown at the Cinéma Impérial, 1430 Bleury, on October 29th, 30th, and 31st at 8pm and 11pm each night. It tells the story of two teens whose car breaks down and they must then go to the castle of Dr. Frank N. Furter. The film is presented alongside a live performance in front of the screen and audience participation is heavily encouraged whether it be throwing toast when Frank proposes a toast or shouting certain lines when characters appear. There’s even a costume contest if you want to strut your stuff and have some fun. Dressing up as characters in the film is only optional, you can try on the craziest outfits you can imagine.

The price of admission is $5 for students only for the October 29th showings. Otherwise, it is $17.95 if you buy in advance, and $19.95 at the door.

Garden of Light

For those who would enjoy a quieter evening, away from the ghouls and ghosts, the Botanical Gardens offers you the chance to explore the a landscape of lights from 9 am to 9 pm. You can see the change of seasons represented in a new light at the Japanese Garden, and then head over to the Chinese Garden to see the myths of the Chinese New Year.

The student rate is $14.25 as a regular price and $11.50 for Québec residents. The Botanical Gardens can be found on 4101, rue Sherbrooke Est.

Zombie Walk

If you want to show off your makeup and costume making talents, you could go join the horde at Place des Festivals on October 31 at 3 pm. You and your friends can walk the streets doing your best impression of a shambling, mindless undead for about 90 minutes. There is no cost to doing this except making yourself seem undead and maybe tearing up some old clothes. If you have some trouble turning yourself into a corpse, there are also tents there from noon to 3 pm that will turn you into a ghoul for $15.

Karnevale at New City Gas

For those who just want to get in their funky costumes and have a good time at a concert, New City Gas has you covered. From October 30th until November 1st, there are concerts every night for you as part of Karneval, a Halloween music festival that will help cure your midterm blues. On October 30th, Sultan + Shepard will be there, followed by KYGO on October 31st, and Armin van Buren on November 1st.

You can still pick up a 3-day pass for $119, even though, at the time of writing, KYGO is sold out; however, you can still get a ticket for Sultan + Shepard for $16 and a ticket for Armin van Buren for $70.

Peur Dépôt

One of the most popular and scary venues of Montreal, Peur Dépôt offers a unique experience where you must defeat a virus which has spread throughout the shipping containers that make up the attraction. There are three different levels of difficulty, each one offering different puzzles than the last; Incubation being the easiest level, followed by Contamination and lastly Epidemic. There are also bracelets which will supposedly evaluate your performance, which apparently means your level of fear.

Warning: This attraction is not for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of unexpected physical contact, which will hopefully be from your friends or at least something human. If you ever get too scared and want to get out, you just need to shout “Chicken” and a staff member will escort you out, and you’ll be added to the list of chickens.

Peur Dépôt is located in the Old-Port of Montreal near the Jacques-Cartier quay entrance and can be identified by the shipping containers. It will cost $14 per person, but you can pay an increased rate if you want to try multiple levels of infection.

La Ronde

FrightFest has been going on at Montreal’s local island amusement park for over a decade. It is a time where the park turns into a giant haunted house, filled with demons and other creatures roaming the park. The ghouls, however, only emerge at 5pm.

The park hosts a wide collection of haunted houses this time of year. A new attraction is District 50 – In the Dark where you and your friends must explore the laboratory with only a single flashlight as your light source.

The admission to La Ronde, located at 22 Chemin Macdonald on St-Hèlène Island, is a bit pricey at $61.99 for a one-day ticket, but $10 less if you buy your ticket online, but it does not include access to the haunted houses, which have their own admission price.


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