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Diversity in Design

Frustrated by the lack of hands-on experience you’re getting out of your degree? Thankfully, the Faculty of Engineering is home to a diverse set of student-run design teams for you to get that needed experience! Whether you’re into flying amongst the clouds or all about burning that sweet gasoline, chances are McGill has something for

Dial M for Murder Opens Tonight!

“Tony Wendice has married his wife, Sheila, for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect murder. Or so he thinks. ” Written by: Frederick Knot Directed by: Ali Aasim Show dates: October 14th-17th, 21st-24th at 8PM Tickets are $6 for students, and $10 general admission. Group


By Richenda Grazette & Frederick Chagnon “Why does McGill even need the BSN?” Asking this question, my friend, is the very reason why we need the BSN. For the uninitiated, BSN stands for the Black Students Network, a SSMU service funded by student fees. Striving “to sensitize the McGill community to issues concerning Black people”

Summertime ’15

By the time September begins, a few important things will have occurred in the life of the McGill engineer. The football team will have proven once again that inventing something doesn’t mean you’re good at it (actually for the first time in 15 years, McGill won their season opener). For better or worse, Frosh will

So You Want to Be POWErful?

by Vanessa Jones Somewhere on campus, you will find a group of passionate and friendly engineering students who all share one thing in common: a strong belief that the world would be a better place with a few more girls in hard hats (even if many of us only wear it once in our lives,

Commentary: De-Demilitarizing McGill

Not many groups have divided the McGill student body like Demilitarize McGill has done so far. The group has voiced their concerns that McGill has taken military research too far through military collaborations. This article criticizing DM’s actions was spurred by the events of Remembrance Day 2014 where we felt that the group organized a

emPOWEring the youth

Engineers without Borders (EWB) and Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering (POWE) are two of McGill’s first engineering student clubs. Both clubs are trying to change the face and perception of engineering, and trying to break the mold on engineering has brought these two clubs together to work on a common goal. EWB and POWE