Students compete in McGill Engineering Competition

By Nick Brunt   The 17th annual McGill Engineering Competition (MEC) was held the weekend of November 4-6 in the Lorne M. Trottier Building. This year’s edition of the interdisciplinary engineering event saw 122 students competing in seven categories over the course of the weekend, each with its own rules and guidelines designed to test


The Marvellous Belgian Beer Pipeline

By Nick Brunt Considering the international attention directed towards it in the past few months, the entrance of Bruges’ Halve Maan (Half Moon) Brewery is inconspicuous enough. Situated on a leafy square in the south of the city’s medieval centre, the only outward sign of its location is hardly imposing: only a modest placard marks


Surviving Winter 101

By Alexandre Darche   Please excuse the Buzzfeed-style article, but it’s the best way to get this point across. As a Montrealler, I’ll be the first to tell you that our winters suck. You’ll look outside at 4pm and the sun will be long gone. Your clothes will be covered in salt stains from drivers spraying


The Smartest City in the World

By Brytan Mendes   It is fashionable at this time of year to leave Montreal for someplace warm – usually in the form of some Mexican or Caribbean locale – to hide from the snow. Yet Montreal has become arguably the hottest city on earth. For decades, such topics as deep learning and machine learning